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Taking the confusion out of free!

Our main focus is totally free stuff. We link you to free product sample offers and anything else we can find on the Internet that’s free. We’re talking truly free; no need to pay anything at all. You get it completely free, usually by mail, just by providing your email and mailing address to the manufacturer offering the free sample. If you’re like me, in today’s economy, I can use all the help I can get! Nearly anything you can imagine, from skin care and perfume to household cleaning products and pet treats, can be had for absolutely free simply by taking the time to click a few links, read the offer details, and then sign up for the offer. It’s exciting, and can save you a ton of money!

What we’re about is making it easy for you to find free sample offers and save some money! These offers are scattered all over the internet, so hopefully, by linking to as many as we can find, we can save you some time too.

There are other types of free offers too. For example, free trial offers usually ask you to pay shipping and handling, and may want you to agree to some sort of subscription plan for their products. Unless you cancel within a specified time frame, there will be ongoing charges to your credit card. These are cause for skepticism, but you really can get these products for free, if you’re cautious and make sure you know all the rules before giving your information. The first thing I look for, when I come across this type of free offer, is a link to a Terms of Service (TOS), usually at the bottom of the page. (If there isn’t a link to this information I go no further with that offer.) Read the TOS to find out exactly what they expect you to do in return for the free sample. Your good judgement will usually know pretty quickly if it’s something unreasonable. The main thing I want to know about a free trial offer, that involves a subscription plan, is how easily I can cancel if I decide not to continue. Is there a phone number? I call before I sign up to see what the procedure is and keep detailed notes! I don’t usually take advantage of the offer if there aren’t clear instructions on how to cancel, how soon I need to cancel before I’m billed, and a phone number. If they only give an email address, I skip them.

Of course there are those who use this free trial method to confuse and take advantage of you, but legitimate companies use this method as well. So, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Do your due diligence, make informed decisions, and you really can cash in on the legitimate offers.

There’s a logical reason why companies make these offers. They know people like to sample things before they buy them, and if you like the product you’ll be willing to pay for it in the future. It may also be used as an incentive to get you to try other products. Either way, you win! And so does the company. It’s mind-boggling, really, how many different products you can get by just paying a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Free with Coupons! We match up store sales, rebates, cash back, coupons and more to score totally free stuff.

Another type of free is what I call give-away, or earn free stuff offers. You actually can earn things like laptops, iPods, designer purses, etc. In return, you agree to try multiple products or services. It may seem to you that products like these are too expensive to just give away, but it’s actually a less expensive, and more direct way, for a company to gain your future business. Again, just make sure you read all the terms associated with these offers and you can benefit with a lotta swag in return for a little work.